She-Tea Junior Blend - Tea Party

An all-natural berry infusion for little girls and boys. No artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives and no added sugar. The Junior blends from She-Tea are the perfect alternative to juice, cordial and soft drinks. They can be served warm (not hot) in Winter and chilled in Summer, and can be frozen in beautiful icypoles as a healthy treat for kids in the warmer months.

A lovely way to let your kids share in your daily tea ritual, the Junior blend is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, so great for general health and immunity.

Ingredients include : blackcurrant, strawberry, blackberry, bilberry, elderberry, hibiscus blossums and rose hip.

To prepare : Add one cup of boiled water to each teaspoon of berries. Allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes (or longer if your child likes it strong). Strain the berries leaving a beautiful red/pink infusion. Allow to cool until tepid/warm and serve.

For an iced infusion, allow to cool to room temperature then put in the fridge until cool. Make up a big jug with ice cubes for parties, or even freeze into icypoles for a special healthy treat!

Please note : Kids generally just like a hint of flavour and don't necessarily need it to be strong. You can make a whole jug up using just a small amount of berries so feel free to experiment with concentration and taste.

Of course, allow the temperature of the infusion to cool before serving and please seek medical advice if you are unsure whether any of the ingredients will react with the consumer's medical condition or medications.


Price: $21.95 AUD