Noon - Tassel Shoes & Hair Combo Pack

In this pack you not only get a gorgeous pair of leather shoes, but you also get a set of blue bell square hair ties and a birdies yoyo hair clip.

The tassel shoes have become the signature style of the Noon shoe range. Who doesn't love little leather tassels adding a little flare to complete such a beautifully styled shoe. The structure of the back of this shoe allows for better support, and easy wearing. Wear them with anything; cargo shorts, gorgeous dresses and even with jeans in the cooler months.

SELECTING YOUR SIZE : Please be sure to measure the shoe sole from heel to toe on a pair of current fitting sandals, or thongs, taking note of how much room is between the longest toe and the edge of the sole (if there is no room be sure to add a centimeter to your measurement). Match your measurement with the measurement below to select your shoe size. Generally Noon shoe sizes are small, so the size you need should be one size bigger than normal (ie : your daughter is usually a size 13 but is a size 1 in Noon shoes).

Size : Shoe sole length

5 : 15 cm
6 : 15.5 cm
7 : 16 cm
8 : 16.5 cm
9 : 17 cm
10 : 17.8 cm
11 : 18.5 cm
12 : 19 cm
13 : 19.5 cm
1 : 20 cm
2 : 20.8 cm

Please use the contact us page if you have any questions regarding shoe sizes.

Price: $55.00 AUD